Saturday, March 31, 2007

Favorite traffic pet peeve (paca)

People are such poor drivers in so many ways that it can be hard to choose the most annoying pet peeve. Is it No-Blinker Man? Mr. Weaver? The Bicyclist Against All Traffic? Ah so many to choose from. But I think I know the one for me. There's two different versions of the same basic annoying habit. The most common is:

THE CUT-OFF. In this move, you are in a line of traffic and you get stuck behind something. Quite commonly it's a city bus at a stop or perhaps a car parked in your lane. You turn on your blinker to switch lanes to go around the obstacle, as does everyone in front of you and behind. What's the easy way for all of the cars to handle this situation? Naturally, the first car goes around the obstacle first and each car behind follows in turn so that everyone can go around smoothly. What in fact happens? The car behind you squeals their tires and lurches right next to you, pinning you in, so that it becomes a crazy free for all of people almost running into each other trying to get around the car. If they could just stay in line.... I HATE the guy who can't stay in line.

THE ILLEGAL GO-AROUND. This is the corollary of THE CUT-OFF and happened to me tonight. I am on a One Way street with only one lane headed towards a major road with 4 lanes all going in the same direction. I pull up to the stop sign and look for a break in traffic to turn right. But no... Mr. Illegal Go Around pulls into the shoulder to my left, where there is no lane, and proceeds to fly into the traffic. It would be one still annoying thing if he had pulled into the second lane or some such, but, no, he cuts right in front of me, taking the lane I am headed into and then he becomes the Weaver with the other cars. I know what you are all thinking. Poor gentle Paca carries around Pomeranians in the rain and just drives calmly and isn't very aggressive with turning, so Mr. Go-Around got impatient. But you would be mistaken. I was at that stop sign so briefly it was a borderline "rolling stop" and I had to brake not to be hit by shoulder driving shmuck.

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