Thursday, March 22, 2007

How're those resolutions going? (paca)

Back in early January, I came up with a bunch of 2007 goals. I thought I'd check in on myself to see how I was doing.

a: Paca, how are you doing?

b: Well, Paca-

a: You can call me P.

b: Sure, P. You can call me P, as well, if you like.

a: What? Wait- no, that defeats the purpose of calling me P.

b: Oh, so you think you own the letter P now?! What kind of egomaniacal freak are you?

a: You're such an idiot! I meant that this way we have different names! We can't both be called Paca.

b: Of course we can. In fact we are.

a: No, well, yes. But for this conversation, call me P.

b: Whatever.

a: Whatever to you too, jerk.



a: Oh, so now we aren't speaking to each other?

b: No. We're not.

a: This is really mature of you.


a: Fine. You can be P, too.

b: I don't want to be P. You can have your stupid letter. Oooh, look at me! I'm P I'm P! You think you're so cool.

a: I was trying to be helpful. Unlike you who seem to only want to insult me in public.

b: Oh, I'm not the helpful one?! You aren't exactly being so accepting either.

a: Good lord....

b: All I've ever wanted- sob- is to be Loved. Why can't you love me?!

a: OK. That was a little uncalled for.

b: Sniffle. I'm sorry that I'm not a manly man like you. I can't always hold in my feelings all the time. Sometimes I cry, OK? Excuse me for being human.

a: AGHHHHH!!! You're driving me insane! I was just trying to choose a different name so that people would know who was talking! How did I become the ogre in this?!

b: You could let me have the cool nickname. I could be P.

a: You said you didn't even like the letter P.

b: I lied. I just didn't want to make it into a big deal.

a: OK, fine. You're now P. Happy?

b: Yes.

a: Good.

b: It wasn't so hard to be nice, was it?

a: Don't start-

b: You're right. I won't.

a: Thank you.

b: Your welcome.

a: So if you're P now, what am I?

b: Easily manipulated.

The 2007 Goals:

1. Write article on Korean apologies with J-W. - Hmmm. Not well. This is on the backburner while we work on another project, namely 2.

2. Article on pitch levels in discourse structure - This is going well. J-W and I meet through Google chat twice a week to discuss this. We are currently looking at default intonation and its effect on story comprehension. The current task is to choose the right story.

3. don't procrastinate - ummm, can we do this one later?

4. teacher of a linguistics class - still no solution here. The only way it looks like I'm going to be allowed to teach is if I drop my current job and become a department G.A. again, which means losing health insurance and cutting my pay in half. Unlikely choice.

5. sleep more regularly - going as bad as before if not worse.

6. More N and Paca time - same as number 5.

7. swim - huh. forgot I had this one. Well, I did swim a little when we went to the Ko Olina Lagoons a couple weeks back.

8. working paper - - YESS!! Score! I turned the draft in of this last week to my reviewers. I so rock!

9. comprehensive exams - I'm now putting this on hold until I'm ready for the dissertation proposal. Apparently, it doesn't really get me anywhere by itself, so see 10.

10. dissertation proposal- Still up in air. For the longest time it was going to be about discourse and intonation. However, I developed a much better defined program about statistical learning in Korean and English as a possible project with J-W that we decided against as a joint project. So I'm contemplating switching my dissertation ideas. It's a big change though. I need to talk to a prof here about it.

11. develop 10 decent Cajun Seoul dishes - no more work on this lately, which likely makes N happy.

12. create 5-10 not completely embarassing songs in GarageBand - uhhh, no. But I was toying with a House / Opera hybrid in my head a couple weeks back.

13. keep the house neater - better, not great.

14. write 2-3 more stories to complete a story collection; query it to at least one agent - sigh, no. not at all.

15. develop complete outline of Tira novel. - See 14.

16. drink less soda - holy crap, not at all. I've had two diet pepsis and a sweet tea and it's 1:41 PM.

17. eat more vegies - eh, maybe. I'm not measuring.

18. Work on information theory interpretation of cochlear "fourier analysis" of frequency - so far beyond my mathematical abilities, I should just admit it and move to 2009.

19. get an article published all refereed like - Depending on feedback, I might submit my working paper to the Journal of Linguistics and Philosophy. It would seem to fit best there.

20. 23 minute 5K event - How about a 32 minute 5K? About two weeks after creating this goal, my left knee went out and it stayed out until about three weeks ago. With the bronchitis last December I've only run about 7-8 times in 4 months. Tonight is running night and I'm again now blowing my nose and sneezing. Who says there's no winter in Hawaii?

21. take at least a three day vacation where I take no laptop and no linguistics books - I so totally did this and you all saw the pictures.

22. find disseration funding and leave current job - ummm, no.

23. don't go broke - we're doing OK here. Go us.


bunnygirl said...

At this stage of your doctorate, I'd say if you're doing #23 and any of the school-related stuff, you're on the right track.

You can pick up all the rest after you finish school. You'll be feeling like a Matchbox car when someone picks it up, wheels spinning like mad to no purpose whatsoever. You'll be glad you're not burnt out on things like running and swimming. And you'll be glad there's a list as long as your arm of books you want to read and things you'll want to do with your family.

I don't know how much fiction writing you'll be up for (it took me a year to lose my Pavlovian panic reaction to Microsoft Word), but hey, you'll be Dr. Paca (or Dr. P) and won't that be cool?

-E said...

Dr. Paca... hehehe. sounds like Dr. Pepper.

Mister M D
can you tell me
what i really need
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

the sad part is that i don't even like Dr. Pepper, but i can still recall a commercial jingle from who knows when.

pacatrue said...

That's because, -e, that is no simple Dr. Pepper commercial jingle. That is one of the greatest oldie rock songs ever, specifically Good Lovin by the Rascals.

But yes Dr. Pepper used it in a commercial once.

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