Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm sick (paca)

I'm sick with a fever and stuff. We are not amused by it.

In other sick news, the state of Hawaii has health care coverage for low income families. Supposedly, adults can be on there, but you'd first have to hunt down another low income person and kill them to get on the rolls. However, children can get on and B is in fact covered this way. We received a letter a few days ago saying that as of tomorrow B's coverage is cancelled due to us never sending in wage reports last year. However, I spoke to our officer last December and worked through each payroll stub and he certified that B was still eligible. So I called last Friday and left a couple messages. I should have known that was a waste since he said "messages will not be returned". Ah, governmental customer service. So I called back again today and got him and he agreed we should still be eligible and put B back on. (Actually, B was never off. That would have been tomorrow.) At the end, I thanked him and asked if we would get a letter in the mail certifying this. His response. "Uhhhh, not unless you ask me to." I didn't have to think long. "Could you? Thanks."

In other news, I have little problem with "advanced" elementary probability theory. Give me a hypergeometric probability mass function with a nice Bayesian twist anyday. But ask me to do that chapter 2 stuff where I count the different ways to get a full house or win at Yahtzee? F. I do. not. get. counting.

In penultimate news, I have not yet forgotten, -e.

In final news, I am aware that my blog has degenerated to little paragraphs about news items and sports reports and other blah blah blah stuff. I intend to do an interesting post again soon. Topics are welcome.

In post-scriptian news, all of us know about the "royal we" which is in fact singular, meaning I. Today I would like to highlight the "spousal we". Many of our familial chores are pretty shared. I have no idea which of us does more dishes. However, other items are pretty divided up. N does laundry 80% of the time. I do B hair washing 95% of the time. Each of us likes to use the spousal "we" as well, such as "we should wash B's hair" or "we should do the laundry tonight." In this context of course "we" means "you."



bunnygirl said...

Sorry you're sick, Paca! I guess it's just some dumb virus?

Smart to make the state government verify B's health coverage in writing. That's exactly the kind of information that would go missing at a crucial moment.

But with the letter safely in hand, you can count on B not having an illness that can't be cured with Robitussin until at least a day or two after the birthday that makes him no longer covered.

That's just how the universe works, you know.

writtenwyrdd said...

Sorry you're sick. I hope I didn't give you the virus I just had. But if that were possible from 7,000 miles away and you did catch it, you'd be up in a day and a half.

Blog topics...more humor? Love the paca humor! I started doing grammar, book reviews and cool sites of the day to come up with things to say, and now I've started linkign to other people's posts so that the "all about me and my life" entries don't hog all the blog.

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