Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Madness (paca)

I seem to be joining my first ever NCAA men's basketball pool this year. J is organizing a tournament on Yahoo sports where the winner gets a loaf of banana bread mailed to them. I don't think J's considered the possibility yet that she might win. Anyway, the comments are pretty hysterical. While I check the NHL scores 2-3 times a day, I've never watched a complete men's college basketball game in my life**. J chose hers based upon whether the city "had a good liberal church". Another person is choosing based upon town names she likes.

Promises to be amusing.

If anyone has advice, send it my way. Maybe I'll use all numerology. I think the winning candidate should follow a path that equals 42. I wonder if I can make that work.

** I went to a couple Lady Techster games when I was a kid or teen. La Tech was great in that it might be the only place where the women's basketball game ends and everyone clears out before the men start. At least back in the day. As Sammy would say, "true that."


J said...

Well, I hadn't considered whether I would win.

But, if I do, I'll bake the banana bread and take a picture of it and show the world. I could start a trend of people picking teams based on liberal churches.

All Goat Skinned Pantsians are welcome to join.

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm a Unitarian, so I think you have a winning formula, lol.

Sammy Jankis said...

Uhm, my only advice would be to have at least 2 teams in your final four that are No. 1 seeds, a third team that is in the top 5 seeds and the same with the fourth (although you may go as low as a 7th or 8th seed for that team). The bracket fell all to pieces last year with a lot of upsets. That generally doesn't happen in consecutive years.

pacatrue said...

I sort of did that, Sammy, by chance. I think I picked Florida to repeat as national champs. And I put UNC in the final four. Then, I really need Louisville to do well. They are a number 6. I have them in the final four, even with a sweet 16 victory over number 1 Ohio State. That seems pretty unlikely, but it was just far too boring to pick the top seed over and over. The good news is that Louisville seems to have won this morning. A couple other weird ones I need to pan out are Southern Illinois and Old Dominion. I have them each as underdogs winning 2-3 games. Why them? Um, because Old Dominion is a great school name, and Southern Illinois, well, kinda randomly.