Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Midling Madness (paca)

First, I should say that I think this betting pool thing is the whole key to March Madness, because I've never in my life read about men's college basketball unless it was the hometown team, but I just read two reviews of the tournament progress.

So how'm I doin'? Midling.

In the big picture, I chose 2 #1s, a #4, and a #6 to get to the final four, those teams being Florida, UNC, Southern Illinois, and Louisville. Louisville's already laying under the basket with its feet up in the air and little Xs for eyes, so I've got three left.

In the South regional, I'm bleeding demised. I'm bereft of life. I have Ohio State winning one more game, but other than that there are no more possible points coming out of there. In the Midwest regional, I'm only a little better. My only team left is Florida. Everyone else is pushing up the daisies. More on that soon.

I'm doing better in the East and West with three out of the four teams left. In the West, I thought Duke would take a couple before bowing out, but apparently the only reason Duke was in the tournament is because it had been nailed there. Out East, I had Texas grabbing one more but they too have joined the Choir Invisible.

At this point then, back in the West, it mostly depends upon my upset pick, Southern Illinois going to the Final Four. They have to beat both the #1 and the #2 (or#3) to do it, so it's not going to be easy, but, hey, you can't pick the favorite all the time, or there'd be no point in picking. In the East, I do have UNC, the #1, going through.

In the end, though, any victory of mine will come from Florida. I have them taking it all. If they do, I get 32 points and leap into the upper echelons. If they lose the next game, I am an ex-paca.

For those of you wondering why the odd language, the answer is here:
This is one difference between the old 20 year old paca and the new 33 year old one. 13 years ago I would have recited the whole thing to you. Just now, I had to go watch the skit to remember many of the euphemisms. Llama's mother used to say that it was like llama and I spoke our own language. That language was 42% Python. I'm down to periodically remembering a joke now.

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