Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mushroom spinach omelettes (paca)

I am most often proud of my cooking when I make something up off the top of my head and it comes out pretty decent. You just look in the cabinets and see what you got. Then, voila! Yummy.

This Sunday the invention off the top of my head was: Mushroom and spinach omelettes. Here's my "recipe" as I remember it.

First, your spouse happens to make turkey burgers with spinach the night before, so that there's a little bowl of defrosted spinach sitting in the fridge. Second, you buy some cream for a strawberry pie - that you still haven't made. Third, you happen to buy some mushrooms the day before because they were on sale and you should be able to come up with something to do with them.

1) Toss a little butter in a skillet and about half a package of mushrooms. 4 ounces perhaps?
2) Fry the mushrooms until they are getting smaller and mostly done.
3) Toss in some of the left over spinach til it seems about half and half.
4) After a bit, pour in a little cream; sprinkle some salt and pepper on top. Don't let the cream boil too much.

The omelette. I don't know exactly what the breakthrough a few years back was on omelettes as for ever and ever I was one of those people where the omelette always always became scrambled eggs. But I eventually got the hang of it.

5) Toss two eggs in a bowl and scramble. You can add spices - italian seasoning, paprika, salt, pepper, tobasco sauce - as you please. This time I did nothing.
6) The omelette skillet must already be hot with a little grease in it. Medium to medium high seems to work.
7) Toss the eggs in and spin around until the skillet is covered with a thin layer.
8) Wait.
9) When the omelette starts firming up, run a fork along the edges gently lifting so they don't stick.
10) Shake the pan some and the thing should slide around.
11) When the omelette is almost completely done, sprinkle some shredded cheese you had lying around from a fajita night onto the middle.
12) Lay some of the mushroom / spinach mixture in the middle.

And now the hardest part of all and the part I only pull off about 1/4 of the time.

13) With spatula fold one third of the omelette over on top of the middle.
14) Slide the whole thing up towards the waiting plate so that the whole thing flips over one more time onto itself. I always screw that up. The good news is it tastes the same.

15) Repeat for each person.
16) Eat.

Obviously, if you are not a mushroom kind of person, you can do bacon or ham or sausage or onions or lots of cheese or whatever you in fact are.

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