Friday, March 30, 2007

Pomeranian Paca (paca)

Last night B and I were headed down to the beach for the evening. We had our bucket and shovels and a little bamboo mat for sitting on, and as we turned the corner on to one of the two main streets in Waikiki (Kuhio in fact, see post below) we ran into this little guy.

He was just standing on the sidewalk with no one around, so I eventually knelt down and he came right over. Searched for the collar but nothing at all. He was immaculately groomed, so he clearly belonged to someone. Expressing his super calm nature, he didn't squirm a bit as I scooped him up in my arms as it started to rain on us. I really didn't want to dump the dog back down right next to a busy street, and so we started to wander around looking for someone looking for a dog. It's the first lost dog that I actually did something about, so at first I had no plan. B and I walked aimlessly. Eventually, I figured out that I could go to security desks in the nearby condos and ask if anyone had reported a lost dog.

B, by the way, has borderline (border collie?) dog phobia. When I first approached the dog, he hid behind me, but he didn't run or cry or anything. When the dog was in my arms giving my hand little kisses, B found it rather exciting, though, and he happily walked through the rain with me for a while, even though this meant we weren't going to the beach. I never got him to pet the vicious dog, but he did repeat often how nice the dog was and how we were going to find its people.

No one had heard anything, however, about a missing dog, and I was about to take the dog back to our house and make up Lost Dog signs. A little bit of me didn't want to find the owner, but since we are in a no pet lease, that wouldn't have worked. As the very last stop before home, we spoke to the guy who handles taxis next to the Tiffany's building. He had actually seen the dog and owner before, and the owner frequently walks his dog with no leash. As he was describing the possible owner, a man meeting that description, who I also knew by face, came around the street corner and I handed the dog over. I was very pleased it worked out that way because I had no idea how to find out if the person responding to a Lost Dog ad was really the owner or not. This way I had taxi guy's corroboration.

Right about this time, the rain finally stopped as well, and B and I headed on to the beach at dusk to eat teriyaki chicken plate lunch (rice, teri chicken, and mac salad) on the sand and dig sand holes.

I'm almost always the guy who just looks concerned about something that's not right and then walks on, wondering if I should do something. It was nice to have the presence of mind to actually act this time.

By the way, single men who are reading this blog, if you wish to speak to women that you don't know, get an adorable dog and a small child. The three of us (me, B, and the dog) got so many waves and "oh isn't he so cute"s from anonymous female tourists, you can't shake a stick at all of them. Whether or not these anonymous tourists then want to date you for the three days they are in town, I can't say, but it does attract attention. Nothing's hotter than a man with a Pom.


bunnygirl said...

Sounds like you did your good deed for the day!

Anonymous said...

i'm so pround of you, and the comment to single guys is soooooooo true.