Thursday, April 19, 2007

B stuff (paca)

Woo-hoo, a llama post! (See below.) Unfortunately, his post has like serious content and all that requires thought, and I'm not up to that a this moment, so I'm going to post some random things about B who is 4.

1) I bought these red plastic chopsticks for B over Christmas. They are training chopsticks (kuaizi in Mandarin) in that they are attached at the back. They are more accurately described as tongs really, but they have the chopstick shape and size at the ends. Anyway, he's doing decently with him and managed to eat an entire bowl of popcorn with them a couple nights ago, picking up each piece of popcorn one at a time.

2) A typical conversation with B:
B is on the back of the bike with Paca pedaling, and we are waiting at a red light.

Paca: What did you do at school today? Did you play with Jun-Hyung?
B: Yeah.
Paca: Did you eat spaghetti?
B: Yeah.
Paca: Did you strangle the iguana?
B: Yeah.

3) I'm constantly struck by how healthy children develop at different rates. I was reminded recently of a conversation I had a few months ago at a playground with a mother of a little girl. B was up on the "structure" with a bridge and a slide and such, running around. The structure also has these bars you can climb to get up to the top. B climbs them, but he likes to go super slow and he likes for me to "hold his shirt" when he goes. The little girl was also there, but she just flies up and down these things with complete confidence. Paca parent thinks,"well, he's behind her in development apparently." But at some point the mother asks me if he's feeding himself yet. And, in context, the implication was clearly that her daughter wasn't. I tried hard not to bug my eyes out. He'd been feeding himself since 18 months.

The point is just that children seem to develop different skills at different times. And of course the skill has a lot to do with what one particular set of parents demands. Not always, but often.

And that's all I got.


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Sammy Jankis said...

Woohoo! Ander started feeding himself before 12 months! He's ahead on something! Finally! Well, if you count feeding oneself with fingers. He puts the spoon in his mouth but he hasn't mastered the shovel technique yet. And when he gets full or loses interest in whatever he's eating he just finger paints with it, much to my chagrine.