Friday, April 20, 2007

Cause this is thriller - woohooo- thriller night (paca)

And no one's gonna save you from the... bee with the boiling eyes?

I don't think that's right.

A story idea I've had in my mind for a while is a suspense thing where a parent goes to their day care at the end of the day and the child isn't there. Everyone there insists that the child was never dropped off in the morning. Multiple people corroborate. There's no record in the sign-in sheets of a drop off. But the parent distinctly remembers doing so.

I've never decided which is a better story - if they are lying or if he is wrong. I know it's only interesting if the reader doesn't know either.

In other cool news, I wrote to two profs today to see if I could assist teach or teach next fall, and both replied with interest. I, also, just sent a pre-pre-pre-pre dissertation proposal to a prof to take a look at. I've been going back and forth between a project that involved intonation in extended speech and a new one that involves learning artificial grammars by both Korean and English speakers. Which I decide on determines who my committee chair is, or vice versa, and then everything else can finally start moving again from that moment. Very exciting day in the life of paca.

And in the "I've never been so happy to get a C" category, I got my probablity test back on Wednesday. Big old C. I was ecstatic. There was a real chance I was going to fail the thing. I very wisely enrolled in this course for credit no credit, which means that a C- to A+ all comes out the same. The last time I got a C in a class was Fall, 1990 - when I was in my last math class. (It of course helps that I didn't get any grades from 1996 until 2004, instead having this thing called a "job".) I get math, but I get it slowly and in starts and fits. Court will perhaps be happy to hear this, so that we can bust the straight-A big brother illusion. I only got my C because everyone else in the class is equally lame so that 30 points out of 50 somehow makes a C. I might be getting a C in probability theory, but I do know math well enough to know the scale is being warped. Fortunately for me. But I might be in trouble next week, because we are moving from discrete probability distributions to continuous probability distributions to finish the semeser, including the dreaded and ubiquitous "normal" or "Gaussian" distribution. Why is this bad? Because discrete distributions are handled with sums. Even I can add. Continuous distributions involve integrals and derivatives. When was the last time I performed an integration of anything? Fall of 1990.

Whenever I finally get a dissertation proposal done, I get to stop taking classes again. That will be pleasant.


December Quinn said...

Job? What is job?

Yay on the teaching, and I'm sure you'll do fine on the thing which involves math, which I am so math-phobic I couldn't even bear to read fully. Sorry. But I did get the gist. :-)

Anonymous said...

hee hee that was awesome, u have ur second "C" the illision was already broken, but i appricate it very much. lol,