Wednesday, April 11, 2007

EE Festival (paca)

I've been waiting for this query at EE for a while, because I wanted to see if I could come up with all the Guess the Plots for a query by myself. It looks like I managed to get all but one of the fakes. The task was to come up with fake and silly plots to go with the title Reign of Seoul. That's all we had to work with. I had a feeling most of the other minions would have problem with Seoul-themed things, so I spent 45 minutes coming up with anything I could to fit the theme. Anyway, here are my fake plots:

1. Three generations of Korean women hand-wrap dumplings as an extended metaphor for life's journey; i.e., it's monotonous, never-ending, and you could have just bought them frozen at the store.

2. Jody travels to Seoul for the 2006 World Cup and encounters an intergalactic plot to mutate the fans into flesh-eating half-dead slaves of the Gorgulls. At least it's not as frightening as a football match in Manchester.

3. Celebrity Nawlins chef Jackie Dupres drops étouffée, gumbo, and jambalaya from the menu and switches to all kimchee. Soon they're drinking the fermented chili-coated veggies in Peoria.

4. Captivated by both the Korean Wave and American music, Japanese tour guide Yuki gets two wishes: to move to Korea and to sing like Aretha Franklin.

I think number one is my favorite. It's a bad Korean Amy Tan novel.

In other EE news, I've had a few New Beginning continuations and Next Line continuations. In the new beginnings, you continue the opening 150 words of a novel or story. In the Next Line, you have 2-3 sentences to do something silly with a dialogue continuation.

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