Monday, April 23, 2007

For the record, Orajel equals Useless

I have some rather nasty dental pain right now. The thing is that it's 95% certain to be my wisdom teeth causing it. The source of the pain is the far top right, and I can literally feel my wisdom tooth jabbing in kind of sideways right against the other teeth. So clearly, it's time for me to go into the dentist and have them schedule the appointment to have one or more of them extracted. The thing is I really don't want to be out of commission right now for 2-3 days having that done. I just want to get through the semester and then they can rip away at me. The semester's only a couple weeks more.

So today I bought some Orajel swabs that are supposed to handle toothaches. I swabbed away and, well, it tasted bad and made my cheek and gum feel all warm and tingly and a little numb. And my tooth went right on aching through the whole thing. Moreover, it's only been about 30 minutes and even the tingly cheek is going away.

So, I declare, that at least for this sort of toothache, Orajel is useless. I just took some Advil and we will see if it does any better.

Of course, I could use this as an excuse to not finish my school work and take incompletes in everything.... as if I really want to drag the course work out even longer. The only thing better than 15 weeks of probability is 17 weeks of it.

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December Quinn said...

Yep, I have horizontally impacted wisdom teeth too, and once I had an infection in a cavity (I know, delightful, isn't it?) That swelled against the impaction. The pain was unbelievable.

I too tried Orajel, to no avail. I don't recall if Tylenol or Advil helped (I mean, one did, one didn't but I don't remember which). I sure know Percocet did! That's what I finally ended up with--Percocet and antibiotics.

That was seven years ago. I still have the wisdom teeth. They bother me sometimes but most of the time I don't notice it.