Thursday, April 19, 2007

I should be a priest (paca)

I used to think about becoming a clergyman. No, really. I had to give up the idea when I realized that I just don't believe in God. I don't think I can conduct service and not have an opinion on whether or not Jesus was the Son of God or just a really wise man. It's not as if it would be okay to say, "Let's all bow our heads in prayer, even though there's no real point, because it's not like anyone's listening." (I'm being facetious because it makes me smile. My thoughts on God and prayer and sin are far more complicated.)

However, they just did a survey of job satisfaction, and by far the leader of satisfied people is the clergy. A full 87%. Being a waiter, however, is really really lame, apparently. Here's the survey. I was a waiter once - Shoney's and a local pizza place - Victor's Ristorante. It was kind of lame.


bunnygirl said...

I saw that survey, too. What it doesn't mention, though, is that most of the jobs on the "low satisfaction" list are temporary ones.

IOW, most people who wait tables, tend bar or clerk in clothing shops aren't doing it as a career. They're paying their way through college or trying to earn a buck between "real" jobs. So yeah, they're not going to have high job satisfaction. They're just trying to pay the bills while waiting to jump on the career ladder.

A more interesting comparison would be career satisfaction, not just jobs.

Anonymous said...

i din't know u don't believe in god. bth doesn't either, how strange?