Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jobs I never want to have (paca)

About a week ago, I was sitting in a restaurant on campus and on TV there was a program about celebrity body parts. No, not celebrities, just their body parts. Who has the ugly feet? Who's chin is too big? Who's nose is crooked?

At the time I thought it was hard to stoop lower to make a buck than to find myself on TV making fun of people's body parts, especially those they have no control over.

However, on the way in to the office today, I found an even worse way to make some money. I was listening to the radio version of Headline News, which appears to be a direct TV feed, and the inimitable Nancy Grace came on. I've only seen her on TV once where she was yelling at one of the doctors in the Terry Schiavo case that you wouldn't treat a dog like this. Ah, journalism. This time, she was talking about the Virginia Tech murders and playing tapes of officials investigating possible copycats. The Nancy Grace show, of course, treated this issue seriously and carefully, correct? No, they played the tapes over incidental music from action movies. I kid you not. Over the tape of a law enforcement official discussing looking for someone claiming to have an AK47, they were playing loud music that sounded like it came from Lethal Weapon 4 or Demolition Man. Because there's no way to help discourage copycatters than to make their actions seem like a shootem up movie.

It made me mad just to report this, much less listen to it a couple hours ago. But I'm sure it will help her ratings. It's so much more exciting this way!

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