Monday, April 16, 2007

The king of random (paca)

One of my great tasks over the next four weeks is designing and running an experiment for a seminar I'm taking. One of the things you have to do when doing such tasks is randomize all your stimuli so that 1) it's harder for the participants to figure out what you are testing, and 2) to increase the chances that you are not testing some other factor that just happens to occur in the way your stimuli are ordered.

So I just randomized list after list for about seven hours straight. I randomized the order of the critical stimuli; I randomized the order of the fillers; I rotated the criticals through conditions; I randomized the complete list of items; I randomized which word of my pair comes first; I randomized which of four quadrants I assigned letters to; and then I even randomized where in my visual display a full 208 pictures will appear.

So if you want to be random in the next few days, give me a yell. I'll match your randomness and raise you 3 conditions.

Or technically, I'll pseudo-randomize you.

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