Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing (paca)

I did a vanity google on myself today for a break, because how better to spend 20 minutes than focusing on yourself. My name is relatively rare and so my real web page is number one in the Google rankings. It's easy to find me. And then some third of the search results are me as well. You can learn about a volunteer award I won in 2001, a frisbee league that I was once part of, several links to me as part of my journal, an exercise debate I was having once after finishing the marathon, even some old letters and messages I once sent a message to.

But there's also a lot of links which very well could be me, but are not. The most important of which is that I apparently died on January 7th of this year at St. Mary's Hospital. I'm also in high school, do a lot of geneology, was once part of an endocrinology list, and more. The point is just that if you google someone, it's not always clear that you are really getting information about that person. You'd really have to think about timelines and such to figure out that some of these things are not me - and that some are.

For instance, without the last few blog entries, maybe I have died. (OK, I read the obit. Apparently, I share a family name with my grandmother and my grandfather is the one who actually died.)

I see a short story in this. You google yourself to find out that you are dead. Hilarity and pathos ensue.

Oh, and apparetly California Beach Bunny's friend Sam likes me.


Anonymous said...

i apparnetly have a TV fishing show. court

Nicole Kelly said...

My name is very common, so I really get up to a lot in day. ;-)

Paca's N said...

Apparently I have a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Too bad we didn't know this before, I could have been more help with your papers. I also came in fourth in the National Pentathlon Championships in England.