Monday, April 02, 2007

Sometimes it's hard to be cool (paca)

Saturday was the Aloha Family Fun Fair (or something very close) on Magic Isle of the Ala Moana Beach Park. It's a regular old carnival to raise money for the park, and B, N, and I spent a couple hours there. We took B on three rides. B and I did the helicopters go up in the air in a circle ride, and then we did the mega slide in a burlap bag. N then handed me her stuff and took him on the merry go round.

While the ride was going on, the Hip Hop Horray Hoooo Haaayyy Hoooo tune by Naughty by Nature came on, and me being alive in the early 90s, started to do the haaayyyy hooooo, haaayyy hooooo arm wave in the air. Some 18 year old guy saw me and started cracking up.

What? I can't be cool anymore just because I was wearing a large red purse?


bunnygirl said...

I'm sure if it had been a small, understated purse in a neutral color, you would've been okay.

pacatrue said...

I think you are right, Bunny. I've had a hard time accessorizing appropriately lately.

Anonymous said...

o, my dear brother, u didn't, that's about the same as when i'm on a dance floor and start doing the running man, sprinkler, or roger rabitt, boy, do i just love you for who you are, please do not every change :-D :-D :-D, "hip hop horay"!!!