Monday, April 02, 2007

The strawberry pie

First up, I went blogger crazy over the last 4 days, so scroll down. I cover everything from animal cruelty to Japanese ska to cool parents to customer service rants to traffic annoyances. And in this post, I cover


I asked a couple weeks ago for a glaze for an open-face icebox strawberry pie. I finally got around to making the pie, but I had to use my old recipe. I had found a new one with a strawberry glaze, but I didn't prep for the glaze properly, and so I had to fall back on my old glaze, which is:

3/4 cup orange juice
1 cup granulated sugar, sugar mama (a John Lee Hooker allusion)
3 TBs of corn starch
1 TB of lemon juice.

You dump it all in a sauce pan. Bring it to a boil and it thickens up quickly. Without further ado, the pie:

OK, my crust is lame as I burned the outside some, but I know what you are thinking:

"Um, and where are the strawberries?"

Under the whipped cream of course. Those are pistachios on top. That's not part of th recipe. That's a whim.

Here is a slice of the pie in which you can see actual strawberriness hiding down there.

Sorry for the fuzziness. So here's how you make my stawberry pie.

1) Make the glaze per above and put in a bowl to cool.

2) Make the whipped cream
-1 cup heavy whipping cream
-1 TB confectioners sugar
-splash of vanilla; let's pretend it's 1 tsp.
Put it in a mixer and whip on high speed. You can do it by hand with a whisk if you have half an hour and need a workout.
I tried a shortcut once and used the whipped cream in the aerosol can. DO NOT DO THIS. The whipped cream after a few hours dissolves back into whatever weird state it's in inside the can before you shook it and sprayed it out. This will destroy the pie.

3) Bake a pie crust. Mine is store bought, but follow whatever crust directions please you. You will want to a) poke some holes in the crust before baking or b) weigh it down with baking beads, uncooked rice, uncooked beans, etc.

4) Let the crust cool and slice up what seems like the right amount of strawberries for a pie. I used a big bag of frozen ones here, but I think they are better for cooking and smoothies. For fresh pie like this, use fresh strawberries.

5) Lay the sliced strawberries in the pie crust. Cover them with the glaze, and then stick it in the fridge to cool.

6) When cool enough, spread the whipped cream on top. Store in fridge.

Obviously, whipped cream is optional, but why wouldn't you? The thing with the glaze is just to have it warm enough to spread but not hot anymore.


December Quinn said...

Well hell, I was a day late huh. I knew I should have emailed yesterday when I found the recipes.

What seems to be the trouble with the glaze you normally use?

December Quinn said...

BTW how funny, because I baked a pie yesterday too--a chocolate vanilla custard meringue.

pacatrue said...

Actually, December, I made this last weekend, so I really beat you to it. However, I did get your glaze recipes in the email and I really want to try them out, particularly the sort of syrupy one.

What's wrong with my glaze? It's mostly just that my pie has been inconsistent. First time, wondrously good, next time, bad, next time, ok but not great, etc. Since it's just made of a crust, fresh strawberries, a glaze, and whipped cream, I decided that the glaze was the most likely problem. Not much else is cooked at all. So I thought I would ask ye old blogger pals if they had a tried and true one.

It's a more persnickety pie than one expects.

As for your custard meringue pie, I've never done a meringue yet at all. I used to have this almost irrational phobia about separating the yolk from the whites, and so meringues were impossible for me. However, I finally broke that barrier, so maybe one day now, I too....

December Quinn said...

I have a phobia about yeast. It never works for me, and I gave up a few years ago and now run at the slightest mention.

Except beer and wine, I'd love to make my own.

Sorry it took me so long, again. I hope that glaze works for you, though!