Thursday, May 17, 2007

The AC/DC test (paca)

I should start off by saying that AC/DC's Back in Black is perhaps the best rock album ever.

Now that that fact is established I would like to report that, while walking into the old office today, I saw a big newspaper headline "SHOOTING DEATH ROCKS KANEOHE." This made me recall a similar headline from several years back. "WAR ROCKS SERBIA".

I would like to propose a test for all newspaper headline authors. If you can take out the words "war" and "death" and insert the word "AC/DC" in its place, and after the switch, the headline makes even more sense...


... then you need to change your headline.

For instance, here's one: "War critic's soldier son killed in Iraq." Replaced, we get "AC/DC critic's soldier son killed in Iraq." See, that doesn't really work. It's a fine headline. How about "Four more years of war" becomes "Four more years of AC/DC." That's borderline. "Death sought for 'Chemical Ali'" becomes "AC/DC sought for 'Chemical Ali'". Chemical Ali sounds too much like a rock band name in itself, so that headline is right out.

And in case you haven't encountered it yet. This web site will let you listen to the comedian Jim Breuer singing an AC/DC-styled Hokey Pokey.

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wintermind said...

What an awesome blog entry. My hat is off to you, sir.