Sunday, May 27, 2007

apology and a link (paca)

Sorry to have been rather silent for... three days. N's father is in town; he came in yesterday. So we've been spending time with them, naturally, and then I have been dialing into work on the side, since we still publish our next issue on Friday. It's just sort of taken up my mental energy.

In the meantime, I don't have too many blogs I follow, but, if you like little snippets about travel in East and Southeast Asia, then you will like Pre Tamrai's blog. I am not sure what this guy does exactly. I once thought he was an English teacher in SW China, but now he seems to give lectures and classes on various internet technologies. Anyway, if you click over to the blog, you will notice that he's done 5 posts, and in each one he is in a different country - Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam. He will write mostly about food and little techie things he sees that are of interest.

Here's the link.

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