Thursday, May 24, 2007

B ain't gonna end up same as me (paca)

B and I were headed home on the bicycle today and as we were crossing the little bridge in Ala Wai park, there was a small family talking about the sting ray in the canal. So B and I stopped and sure enough, there was a Spotted Eagle Ray (not a sting) right below the bridge. Here's a picture of one, but it's not my picture:

Now, when I was growing up in North Louisiana, I was never riding my bike home from school and found a ray swimming next to me. I did however once encounter one of these:

That's a water moccasin (cottonmouth), which is highly poisonous, and so, based upon that fact, I prefer the ray. I do miss these guys though:

But I digress...

Anyway, I've been meaning to post some other ways that B displays the fact that he's been in Hawaii now since he was one and a half.

- When he yells "Dance!" and starts dancing, he often twists his hips in circles. And when there was a children's chorus on American Idol tonight, he declared they were dancing the hula.
- Sushi is a not unusual lunch food at day care.
- His favorite god or goddess to read about right now is Pele, and he can tell you that she lives in a volcano on the Big Island. We live on the "little island".
- The little kitten next doorr is a "baby popoki" which is the Hawaiian word for cat.
- We haven't seen them, but from ocean-themed books, he knows the difference between the narwhal and beluga; he knows of humpbacks and dolphins and orcas, sting rays vs. eagle rays (often), seals vs. sea lions, crabs, jelly fish, starfish, etc.
- He tells us it's freezing in the meat section of the grocery store - not the meat locker, just the aisle.
- He took one of his toys and put it on top of a block letter in the bath tub and declared that it was surfing.
- He really wants to go snorkeling.
- He's spent every Christmas but his first (which was in Tennessee or a family house) at the beach.
- He only draws about three things when he draws: his name, fireworks, and lion dancing.
- He owns an $8 ukelele.

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Courtney said...

that is just so unbelievebly awesome, c, y'all were meant to go there and not one of those other schools, wow, one lucky kid, he's growing up just like a kid should, with open minded parents and a beautiful world in front of him, wayt to go mr dad!