Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Interesting read about the US missle shield (LLama)

Outside View: Responding to Bush on BMD

Lately I've been having a minor-revolution of thought regarding government. Articles like this are contributing to my growing skepticism and even distrust of our federal government.

The opinion piece posits that the US is pushing these ABM deployments in Europe as a way to spark another standoff with Russia, as it did with the cold war.

I remember once in grade school my teacher showing us a video about Nostradamus and his predictions. The video argued that, according to Nostradamus, there would be a third world war about the time that I was 20 years old. This terrified me. The nation was still bubbling with horror stories about fighting in Vietnam, and the idea that I could be put into that kind of bloody hell scared me, even traumatized me. I remember movies about post-apocalyptic societies, and other ones in which the US was invaded by Soviet forces. I remember frequent images of mushroom clouds and children ducking under school desks, in some feeble gesture of self-protection. My whole childhood was spent against the specter of global annihilation. And this was all in the late 70's and 80's; I can't imagine the terror that must have been in the American public during the Cuban missile crisis.

And now to think that people in Washington might be trying to intentionally start that up again, simply in order to somehow improve the US' power in global politics? And then to realize that, perhaps, the whole of the cold war was just as manipulative, that in reality the Soviet's weren't set on domination, but rather they were a crumbling society, a faux threat built up by our own government. That my greatest fears during childhood were intentionally created by our own government to serve it's own purpose? And finally, to realize that, if all of this is true, is it not also true that it is still happening today, but with Islam and faceless "terrorists" as the boogeyman rather than Russia?

The U.S.S.R.'s control of Eastern Europe was real, as were the missiles in Cuba. 9/11 was real, of course, and highly tragic. But, I'm now left wondering, if the responses that the US government took, both then and now, were really designed to primarily serve the best interests of the American citizens, or to serve the self-interest of American leadership.

Maybe it's time I buy a gun, move to some ranch in Wyoming, and stop paying taxes.



Mamaebeth said...

oh please don't buy a gun and move to wyoming...

but i do think you should visit the US more. not trying to dismiss your concerns but if all your getting is what is in the national or internation news right now, you are missing all the normal local stuff.

we had the Nation Black Mayors convention. fest for all and jazz fest! they are redoing all the parks in town. oh oh and cinco de mayo... the wierdest non-holiday in the US.

ok what was my point... oh yeah, the US has serious issues, but you have to stay engaged in order to make changes. Llama Paca 2008!

Kristin said...

I can't believe a school teacher would show a film to elementary school kids! That's terrible. Sounds like she was trying to push her beliefs on a bunch of impressionable children. That's awful.

As far as the government manipulating you into being afraid, I don't think that was the case. The USSR had just as many nuclear weapons aimed at us as we did at them. The threat was real. Make no mistake. That is evidenced by the fact that the USSR was, all along, passing along propaganda about the U.S....very negative propaganda. They were serious about bringing down the U.S.

I studied Russian for several years and learned some interesting info from my little Russian teachers. When they emigrated to the U.S. during the Jewish purge of the late 70s, they were expecting a country much worse off than theirs. They had been told the life in America was harsh. Imagine their surprise when they came to the U.S. and found out how different it was from everything they had been taught?

I have no problems with intimidating Russia through show-of-force. Which is just what this European plan is. Show-of-force has *prevented* more violence than any other military tactic out there.

Russia is a mess. It is run by thugs. I am more worried about Russia today than 25 years ago. Who knows who has the nuclear technology over there? Who knows what kinds of weapons are being hoarded by what kinds of people?

Courtney said...

even though i am proud to be an american becasue i realize all the freedoms here, b ut sometimes, i just want to move to england, who i am sure like everyone else has their own share of problems, but at least they have intelligent people like TB up front.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if you buy a gun and move to Wyoming (I've considered the state myself, many times, for similar reasons), DON'T stop paying taxes. The IRS and BATFE will be on you like stink on a skunk. That's the kind of nonsense that got people like Randy Weaver into hot water, and we all know how that turned out.

Tony S.