Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 11 (paca)

As everyone already knows, I'm rather swamped right now, so I think I am going to declare a two week hiatus on the blog. I'm sure it's possible to find 5 minutes to say something still, but somehow it seems right just to hold off for a bit. I hope everyone will show up again at that time. In the mean time, the llama will have to entertain you all.

May 11 is the big day. May 10 is the psychology presentation, and May 11 is the probability test.

I do keep plugging away at things. Another 12,000 edited words went out on Sunday. As of right now at... 2:00 AM, my experimental script is up and running and all pic stimuli are created. It's just the pesky sound files that are taking for ever. I'm using sentences that N recorded for me and then heavily re-synthesizing them in acoustic software. I also got my working paper back from my profs, which is great. Now I have to squeeze in the revisions to it so I can submit it officially before the semester ends.

See you all on... May 11. OK, could be may 12. It's not like I post every single day normally anyway.



bunnygirl said...

Good luck with your studies!!!

writtenwyrdd said...

Yes, good luck with your studies! And although you are busy, I have tagged you for a meme on today's blog. *ducks and runs*