Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New specs (Llama)

So lately I've been having alot of headaches. Literally, not figuratively. Part of the reason is probably the amount of time I spend staring at screen... at work all day and then, more often than not, watching something on TV at night. But I've also noticed that my eyesight has gotten poorer, and perhaps the headaches are a result of that. Working on that premise, I stopped by one of Bangkok's numerous eye glass stores yesterday. I took the eye test and am not sporting a fairly fashionable frame from some company called "Navy Jack".

It's too early to tell of the headache frequency will reduce, but the world is certainly much clearer now. And unlike the last time I purchased a pair of glasses... over 10 years ago, I think... I actually want to wear these. So, it's a good thing.

The bad news is that I am not just near-sighted, but my right eye has also developed astigmatism. It's not that drastic, but the woman that tested me picked up on it right away.



Mamaebeth said...

i have a similar eye problem; one eye has an astigmatism. this gives me eye strain and headaches if i have to constantly change my focus (like in a giant lecture class) or look at screens all day long. it took a few days when i first got glasses in college, but my headaches did go away as i got accoustomed to my glasses.
i need to get glasses again, as my screen time has gone up dramatically and my eyes are getting strained again.

Courtney said...

i've had all those same problems since 1st or 2nd grade, i get stronger specs about every 1-2 years. its amazing im not blind by now honestly. got the lovely astigmatism too. i was happy when i found out that treesreally did have indivuals leaves and such, without glasses, all i see is a fuzy green mass, and only if its large enough, the doctor told me to focus on the large E about 6" tall once before we adjusted to the ther letters and my honest response was, "what E?" so,w elcome to our world, glad u have sweet specs, i want new prep sunglasses, they are so uncool.

writtenwyrdd said...

I've had fairly serious astygmatism all my life, and that hasn't kept me from never wearing glasses. I decipher the letters just fine. I'm still able to read the bottom line on the chart because I'm used to blurry, which made it hard to diagnose that I was getting really near sighted! What did that was the "my arms are too short" syndrome.

If your headaches do not improve, check out the lighting. Flourescents drive me bonkers and set off migraines. And I dim the computer screen and/or wear tinted glasses indoors. Very tinted glasses.

Hope you find relief!