Monday, May 28, 2007

The Next Generation (Llama)

Today is the first day on the job for our new intern. Her name is Kim and she is from Emory University. She's the third American to come, after myself and a woman from Washington State. We've also had 4 Australians and one fellow from Hong Kong. Ah, now he knew how to throw a party! Anyway, she'll be here for 3 months only.

It's interesting to talk to her, because she is quite young, but not so young. I'm guessing 22... she's firmly entrenched in the generation after mine. Gen Y? Gen Next? Whatever... when I look at her and talk to her, I am reminded of my own age. I am no longer "youth". She is... I am still immature though :)

Those of you with children probably don't need this revelation. Then again, those of you with children probably, in general, have a very different view of the world than I do.

Speaking of children, I highly recommend "Children of Men" if you haven't seen it already!



pacatrue said...

22. So born around 1985. 6 or 7 when you started college....

Feel old yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

I completely understand how you feel. Going through training with a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds.... that sucked much booty... but at least we all can be immature together...