Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paca made me do it (Llama)

Paca tagged me... and though I don't frequent enough blogs nor do I have the inclination to tag anyone else, I can at least give 8 random facts/habits about myself, right?

1) The hair on the top of my head is rapidly decreasing. I probably have 2 to 4 years max before shaving won't be necessary.
2) My favorite ice cream in Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. I like it so much that, even though I enjoy other ice cream as well, I can never bring myself to purchase it when Chunky Monkey is available. The opportunity cost is just too high!
3) I once forgot to call my mother on Mother's Day. I happened to be driving up to Minnesota at the time. I found out later that she had the State Police looking for me. Oops. Love you mom!
4) In contrast to Paca, I've never learned to play anything. I took piano lessons for a while, but wasn't any good at it. Though I consider myself a good dancer, I can't find rhythm on a piano to save my life.
5) Language pet peeves: substituting "ironically" for "coincidentally", and "literally" for "figuratively" (Yesterday a CNN reporter said that troops were literally looking under every rock for the troops taken hostage... grrr...). Honorable mention goes to football commentators substituting "reverse" for "end-around".
6) One of my favorite and enduring high school memories was watching a regular reader of this blog play guitar and sing two original compositions on stage. I was proud to be his friend.
7) I find myself increasingly cynical and pessimistic, and I don't like it.
8) If Oprah ran for President, I'd probably vote for her. At least I'd get a new car, right?


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