Monday, May 21, 2007

Passing time (paca)

We spent a lot of time cleaning this weekend and B was therefore bored much of the time. N and I of course were not because nothing spells excitement like EZ Off Oven Cleaner. Anyway, B loves my Mac's "Photobooth" software which lets you take pictures of yourself with the built in webcam. You can add lots of silly effects as well. B's favorite is the Mirror setting.

But even more fun than taking a picture of yourself with one eye or three eyes was taking a picture of yourself as invisible! In this one you can see his body just a bit. When I brought up Photobooth to get these pictures, I found about 20 of the kitchen sink behind him.

Personally, I don't where he could gave gotten the inclination to take pictures of yourself that make you look really, really bad and then feel proud of it.

So thaaat's why people have been calling me "blockhead" lately.

For those of you who are new enough to not have seen a pic of me where I look fairly normal, here's one from last Halloween.

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Courtney said...

those are great!