Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Slow week (Llama)

I returned from Pnohm Phen last Friday night. Overall, that trip was stressful, as every trip to PP is. The data entry firm that was contracted has produced very poor results... so poor that the entire project is in danger of being scrapped. But at this point there's not much that I can do except wait and facilitate communication between those who have to decide if we should continue or not.

I'm ready to go back to Bangladesh also. Well, professionally I'm ready. Personally I'm never ready. The time there is usually less stressful than Pnohm Phen... though the days can be long. But as I've written before, it's not such a pleasant place to visit. Cambodia is much nicer, with better food. The Buddhist culture is so much more appealing to me than the Islamic one.

In the meantime, I'm pretty much just waiting around. I don't have much to do this week. I even took yesterday off to go see Spiderman 3 (a real disappointment). Today I'm back in the office, but might as well not be. So...



pacatrue said...

It just doesn't sound like your travelling life is full of beautiful women, car chases, and casino jackpots, as I had come to expect. I mean, no one bought this whole "international development" cover you've been giving us. It's clear that you are a superspy. And while I am still sure that my theory is correct about the spy thing, I am disappointed to learn that being a superspy involves working late hours in front of a computer with cohorts missing deadlines and delivering shoddy code.

That's why I am using this "grad student" cover to secretly be an international accountant. 001040EZ is my code name. Did you know that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is in fact THE 001040? Of course, it had to be so. Why would supermodel Giselle date a handsome super bowl quarterback? Yeah right. He's clearly an internation super accountant of mystery and intrigue.

This blog comment will self-destruct in five minutes.

Mamaebeth said...

have you been to any other countries in the area yet?

Killer Llama said...

Since I've been here I've been to Cambodia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Previous travels have also sent me to Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Sri Lanka.