Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You da bomb! (paca)

So the plan is to set of a roach killer bomb in the apartment tomorrow morning. I've never used one because I don't like the idea of pesticides all over my house. Anyone ever done one before and do you have advice? We are already:

Moving food and plates as far from the bomb as possible and covering with newspapers.
Covering tables
Washing the sheets after done

Should that cover it? Pun completely intended.



Courtney said...

plates inside cubaords should be fine, mostly, keep animals and ya'll outisde for many many hrs after it is realised. ur tables and such will be fine.

galen says to cover all funiture with sheets, and any popular tochable artifacts,

i really think its more of staying out of the house while it dries, for instance, a day would be best, time for holiday?

ps, why are u setting off of aroach bomb, rather than base lining inside and out?, roach problem that bad?

December Quinn said...

I'd cover my food with plastic wrap, personally.

And I agree with Courtney, though I don't know what base lining is. We used to sprinkle Borax everywhere, that helped, although in Florida it's pretty much impossible not to get roaches in the summer if your house isn't completely airtight (and even if it is). I don't mean an infestation, I mean the occasional palmetto bug, which is a huge flying roach. Revolting. The one thing I 100% don't miss.

writtenwyrdd said...

Wipe your furniture down, too, and do a good cleaning so that the little ones don't ingest anything. I recall how the roaches were everywhere in HI, and it's darn difficult to keep them out of the kitchen even if you are a meticulous house cleaner. So, good luck with that.