Monday, June 25, 2007

Apparently this is hysterically funny (paca)

Hysterically funny to a 4 year old that is.

I and B are doing the bath thing. I hold up my little plastic cup and say, "hot water, please."

B pours bath water from his little plastic tea pot into the cup.

"Tea bag, please."

B moves his hand up and down above the cup as if steeping a tea bag.

"Lemon, please."

B pours some more water in.

"Honey, please."

B pour a bit more water in.

I blow gently over the cup as if trying to cool the hot tea down. Then, just before putting it to my lips, I toss it down with a disgusted look on my face and yell, "Ewwww, it's bath water!!"



Llama said...

Sounds pretty funny to me!

Courtney said...


Sammy Jankis said...

Pretty funny to me too, and I'm way over four.

J said...

funny funny

writtenwyrdd said...

it's the little things :)