Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bad girls, talkin' bout those bad, bad girls (paca)

That's a Donna Summers thing, by the way. I think. Isn't it?

Conversation at dinner tonight.

Paca: Sha la la la la, my oh my, you know you want to Kiss the Girl.

B: What's that?

Paca: Mermaid.

B: Kiss the bad girls.

Paca: The bad girls?

B: Yeah.

Paca: Don't you want to kiss the good girls?

B: No, kiss the bad girls.

Paca: Huh.

B: Bad girls, police come and take them away. Take them to jail.

Paca: So you are gonna have to kiss them them before they go to jail.

B: Yeah.

I'm going to have to really watch this guy, aren't I?

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