Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The coolest parade float ever (paca)

I hope I didn't post pics of this before a couple years ago. If I did, well, you can just pretend that I'm one of those people whose memory is going and every time you come to his house, he tells you the same stories over and over. With no further ado:

Our very first year here, way back in 2004 or so, the Honolulu Festival, which is a festival to get Japanese tourists to come to Hawaii, had the coolest float ever in the history of parade floats. Rose Bowl parade - nothing. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and 40 foot balloons - embarassing. As you can see it's a large Japanese dragon.

Up closer, it is a large cart on wheels that must take 30 people to push. As you can see, it is decorated with lanterns and a gigantic dragon head on the front.

On top of the structure are these guys, and at various times on the route, they light up some sort of sparkler type firework, every body launches into a really cool chant, and boom, you get this.

And here it comes down the street. Run away!

They've had some cool things in the years since - a huge Taiko drum ensemble and a gigantic dragon balloon - but they haven't topped this one yet. Unfortunately, the festival's contract with the Japanese group that does this ran out that very first year, so we may not see it again. It's good we didn't come in 2005 then.

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