Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flying Dude and Dudette (paca)

I like to do this whenever I finish homework. In fact, this is me over Mauna Loa. I just don't like to admit it very often. Or that my name is really Loic Jean.

And here's one of someone doing a first skydive over Hawaii. I'm not sure which isle. It seems a great view of a first time. She is attached to the professional the whole time it seems. And then there seems to be a small chute that triggers immediately with a larger chute at the end. It's kinda long, but well done. I always have thought that if I was going to risk my life for a flying thrill I'd rather sky dive than bungie jump.

So I'll get right on this....

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Sammy Jankis said...

Yeah, I'd much rather skydive than Bungie. That fella on the first video that glided 15 feet above the slope going down that mountain, well, that's insane. I'm certain I woulda splatted against that rock outcropping there toward the bottom at the end. But, I gotta say, that looks awesome and if I were a braver soul than I am that would definitely be cool to do.