Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Geneology Game (paca)

Does anyone have experience with all of the online geneology web sites? I was listening to NPR this morning, and they were talking to, which is coordinating DNA home kit tests for people. This reminded my of a project I've always intended to do but never gotten around to.

My paternal grandmother was an amateur geneologist who spent years and years researching both my grandfather's paternal line as well as her own. The results was two self-published 4 volume sets -- yes, 4 volumes each -- of family history. I've always guessed that there was some other person who would find all of her work as a treasure trove of geneology. If they find one of us, then we can supply them two three hundred year old family trees and fill out an entire branch for them.

My understanding is that geneology has moved online to a great degree, which makes sense with its web design and ability to contact people hundreds of miles away. My intended but never done project then was to put at least the family trees she's built online in one of the geneology web databases where others might find them. Has anyone gotten into this yet?

I just created an account on, which pretends it is free until you want to, you know, do anything. It looks like you are typing in your name and hitting search. In fact, you are filling out an account form, and when you want to actually see a match, it starts telling you how much a membership costs. And it ain't cheap. It's basically $20 - $30 a month and up, which makes it around $300 a year. However, the tools provided do seem good.

Has anyone yet used one of these sites? What are good ones? Are there great free sites I should use first? $300 a year is a bit steep. Also for the family members reading, i.e., mom and sis, do you want to participate? We could perhaps create a single account and then all upload the family stuff we know. Sis, do you have the books with you? Mine are in a warehouse in the Boro and weren't shipped to Hawaii. Mom, maybe you can fill in a lot of your side? I actually can't supply complete information about all my great grandparents on any side. I know Uncle J has done a fair amount of this work.

For people interested in trivia, the llama and I are actually distant distant cousins. We share a great great great grandfather or something like that. He married twice. One grandma produced my dad eventually; and the other produced the llama's mom eventually. So actually perhaps the llama or his family (sr, "mom", p), maybe we all need to go in. I wonder if there are family accounts....


UPDATE: OK, I just typed in maternal grandad's name and, voila, someone has filled in his parents and up with possibly five generations on top. I wonder who? Uncle J? I can't find out more. When I click, it's pay time.


writtenwyrdd said...

My mother's side of the family is intensely Mormon. Geneology is a must for them. I think you can do research at the Mormon archives in person; and they probably have an online version.

The one site I went to had some of my family up, and listed a lot of incorrect birth dates for mom's family. I think it was, and there were some free searches, and you could email those who posted info so they could correct it. I found it hard to use; but then, I lack patience.

Mamaebeth said...

i know there are electonic databases. my mom owns a copy of family tree maker that we use to keep up with that. if i remember correctly, in updated versions they send you discs with family trees on it and you can plug your tree in to existing trees. my maternal grandfathers line was on the discs. i think there may have been a way to send in your family tree was well to be entered into the master database... i am not sure if mormons were involves.

hey, i can ask some mormons if you want.