Monday, June 04, 2007

girls v boys and movie recs (paca)

While giving B his bath tonight, I had him lift his head up to the ceiling so that I cold pour water on his hair without it going in his eyes. After doing so, he informed me that he was a girl. Why, asks the paca. Because boys have hair on their forehead (bangs) and girls do not. So with his hair slicked back, he was now a girl.

I had never known the true difference. It's good to have him around.

B is rather lose with the sex / gender roles. He's often been a self-declared boy mommy, for instance.

In other stereotypical gender issues, B and I were wrestling on the bed this morning. N and B don't really wrestle. I wonder if I would wrestle with my daughter? I'm going to go snag one and then find out.

As to the movie rec part of the blog title, I am looking for family movie recommendations. It would be nice to sit back more often and watch a movie on the DVD player that's OK for the whole family. This pretty much means a) enjoyable to adults b) not too scary or violent, and c) interesting to a 4 year old too. It's quite difficult to find such movies and so we watch a lot of B's stuff - wiggles, bob the builder, disney movies, etc. We have The Empire Strikes Back and that works pretty well, but you can only watch even a good movie so many times. We also have the Narnia movie, but it's too boring for B half of the time. So we watch the lion and the battle scenes (what was that violent part again?). Anyway, any good movie recs are most welcome.


Mamaebeth said...

we like the shrek movies. and to go old school, Muppet movies. JD isn't "in" to the muppets yet, but i suspect in the next year or 2 he will. i love(d) the muppets. both movies series have the kids level and the adult level, which i appreciate.
maybe some of the Roald Dahl movies? Witches, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Chocolate Factory, etc...

Anonymous said...

or some of the new pixar movies,

it has a list. loved talking with ya on the phone yesterday!

Llama said...

Iron Giant!

And what about the Sandlot? One of my favorite movies of all time... the dog might be too scary though for a small kid...

Mamaebeth said...

I have been pondering this. i am not sure if these are too intense for your 4 year old or not...

dark crystal
ghost busters (1&2)
the mummy (1&2)
wallace and grommit
Harry Potter
Wizard of Oz
Dr. Dolittle
Miyazaki movies (the cat returns and Kiki's delivery service?)
peewee herman movies?
karate kid?

pacatrue said...

Thanks everyone for your ideas. It's hard to have movie night when it's a B movie over and over. Many of these ideas are good.

Since B is just beginning to be able to stand on the sidewalk within 5 feet of a dog, I think I'll skip the Sandlot for now.

Mamaebeth said...

phillip would like to suggest Indiana Jones movies.