Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hit the road, Jack (paca)

You don't see as much of N on this blog as one should which is unfortunate. One reason for that is that she is the primary photographer, so whenever a pic is taken, you can only see her invisible hand. You still will only see her invisible hand in the pictures in this post, but what you will see is all her.

What is this picture above?

A few months ago N took an old cardboard box and turned it into a road map toy mat thing extravaganza! The top picture is the whole thing. It's a flattened cardboard box with paint. And a layer of contact paper on one side to protect it. Since there's no layer on the other side, I guess it's not quite finished yet (N also points out that the white lines in the road aren't there yet either). Anyway, I think it is a very cool creation. Below are some pics of specific portions. And then a pic of the road map toy mat thing extravaganza in use.

The little house is our 4 apartment little building. We do have a palm tree in front, but the rainbows are only periodic.

And B goes on a race.


Sammy Jankis said...

That is really cool! Good job N! Maybe she could commission to have some printed onto foam and sell them as floor puzzles?

pacatrue said...

Thanks, Sammy! I let N know your comment. Doing that sort of thing is one aspect of life's skills that both N and I completely lack.