Monday, June 11, 2007

Llama goes to Hua Hin (Llama)

I visited Hua Hin this past weekend. I left Saturday morning about 10:00. I took a van from "Victory Monument", one of the two large public monuments in the city. The fare cost about 180 baht (5.5 dollars). Hiring a private van or car would have run about 1,000 to 1,200 baht, so I was happy to find a more affordable alternative.

I've been to Hua Hin several times now. It's a nice little beach resort that is only 2 1/2 - 3 hours away from Bangkok by car. The alternative, if you want the beach, is to go to Pattaya. Pattaya is more developed and filled with the sex trade. Hua Hin is much more quiet, although it has grown in popularity greatly over the past few years.

This time I spent very little time at the actual beach... which was fine because the one or two hours I was there were very uncomfortable. It was so, so hot. And now that I have little hair on my head, it is easy for me to get sunburned. I managed to get a nice tan but avoided most of the pain.

I spent most all of Saturday afternoon at a mall there. I bought some new sandals and saw a movie. The sandals are rubbing my feet now and causing blisters... I have to go through this every time I get a new pair. Have to develop callouses where the straps contact my foot. In the meantime its just grin and bear it. But the sandals are Timberlands and weren't cheap, so hopefully they will last a while. I tend to keep these things for a long time... 3, 4 years at a minimum!

The movie I saw was 28 Weeks Later. It was good fun, but not as nice as 28 Days Later. The American military was portrayed as a giant robotic killing machine, which seems a little unbelievable. I think there is a story to be told about how well meaning people can end up committing horrible atrocities... but this wasn't it. Nonetheless, it was easy to care for the protagonists and the action was fairly well executed, even if the director did cheat too much by using dim lighting and extreme closeups to ratchet up tension. In short, I enjoyed it but can't recommend it.

Saturday night was spent eating some very questionable food. It was 10:00 PM by the time I was able to look for food, and by then most places were closed. The only one that was open was ... less than ideal. But beggars can't be choosers, right? Right.

I returned yesterday. Just one night in Hua Hin. It took about 3 hours to get from BKK to Hua Hin, but about 6 to get back. A large chunk of that was spent waiting at the pickup location for the van, and then traffic coming into Bangkok was heavy, as expected.

My finger is pretty much healed now, which is a relief. It even looks fairly healthy today, though dead skin is peeling off and there's still some scabs where they removed the nail. But it doesn't look nearly as disgusting as it did just a couple of days ago.

And that's that!



mom said...

Just read you latest post today(sat) Sounds like a pleasent little trip out of the city. Shopping is fine--you know me--but in a mall? for sandles western style? You probably could do that much closer to home. So glad that your finger is ok now Love Mom

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Visit there with your sound on. It's really cool, if you are a llama anyway.