Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Move to Hawaii! (paca)

I got an email today for some rental apartments in Hawaii that included gems like:
Waikiki studio apartment - 1200
1 bed / 1 bath apt on ZZZ Heights, no parking - 1500.

Ah, lovely.

However, there was also a 3 bedroom house on ZZZ Heights for 2900. Now 2900 is a wee bit out of the prince range for us, which now brings me to suggest that...

yes, dear reader, you should move to Hawaii. Only required for a year or two. Move to Hawaii and split the rent with a charming young family. There's only three of us.

Why would I want to do that? you may ask. For 1450 where I am I can pay the mortgage on my own 3 bedroom home that I own myself. What offer can you make to beat that? The answer of course is that I can offer:


Go to the beach on Christmas; eat piles of sushi; visit the rainforest; learn the hula.

It's time for an adventure in your life don't you think? Yes, you do think. I can feel it in the monitor vibes. You want to spend time in Hawaii. You want to share a small house with three other people. It'll be like college without the classes (except for me where it's like college with the classes).

All the cool people are doing it... Admit it. It's intriguing. If so, just hit that little comment button. You can do it. Doesn't it look enticing? Yes, it does. One little click....


Mamaebeth said...

1450? that's still twice our mortgage for our 3 bedroom house!

intriguing, yes. doable? no so much.

how much longer till you finish school?

Courtney said...

i will actually think about it!! galen and i need a place to move too. do they have a musem studies program at the university or are there any cooking schools?

i mean it, let me know. and what rent and such might be if one person moved in with ya'll or posibly two.

u never know?! as of right now we are thinking austin, tx. and does it have any film there?

writtenwyrdd said...

Hell, paca, my mortgage on my 3br home with 1/2 acre is only 457. It was 104 before I refinanced to do renovations.

When I was stationed in Hawaii in 1981-82, a 1br apt was about 900.

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Try $900 for my three-bedroom.

Nicole Kelly said...

Ah, man, I would if Hawaii had any sort of industry for me to work in. I was just talking a friend of mine who grew up on Oahu about living in Hawaii. She was explaining that every time she gets home sick, she remembers that there are a lot of waitresses with PhDs.

Otherwise, I'd be game. Now, if you want a couch surfer ... there's another story ;-)