Thursday, June 21, 2007

Llama Land

Nothing new in the BKK...

The convicts have been running the prison as of late... the two bosses have been out of the country for over a month, which means that I and the interns have been working independently. Boss 1 finally returned last weekend, but he's off again already, this time to the Philippines. He does like to travel. Boss 2, meanwhile, returns this weekend. It'll be good to have him back in the office... he's positive presence.

My Cambodia and Bangladesh projects are, while not resolved, way past the point where I have a significant amount of work to do on a daily basis. I'm doing updates on the code, and giving advice periodically. But it's really time for me to get something new going. I mentioned this to Boss 1, he says we'll talk about it. But we haven't yet. Hopefully when he gets back. Otherwise, I should have plenty of extra time for blogging!

BKK is hot. Also, it's hot. And did I mention hot? Maybe it's time to take a vacation to... oh, I don't know... Siberia.


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