Monday, July 30, 2007

Doo-doo time (paca)

Apparently, 4 years old is the age that you become fascinated with your own body.

First up, we cannot keep clothes on the boy. He wants to sleep naked, eat naked, go outside naked. Every time you look up he's pulled his clothes off and is running around the apartment au naturale. (sp?) So far we've managed to always have clothes on him when he's outside and when he's cooking near the stove with us. Other than that, all bets are off.

Secondly, B entered doo-doo land a couple months back. He just says the word (or pee-pee which in Hawaii is called "she-she") and giggles. We've got "Doo Doo Head" this and "Doo Doo Head" that. N and I just try to minimize the discussion in public places. Especially on blogs. B also likes to stick "doo doo" in a song.

For instance, we saw the preview for the Simpson's movie in which Homer sings, to the tune of Spiderman, "Spider pig, spider pig." B, naturally, turned this within hours into "spider doo doo, spider doo doo".


Of course he does it all the time, and I'm someone who sings songs I hear freqently to myself. So, unfortunately, a couple days ago, I was walking around the apartment to the laundry room and heard myself singing, "Spider doo doo, spider doodoo, does whatever spider doo doo does."

At least we haven't hit fart jokes yet. B loves cutting things for me with his plastic knife when we are cooking - mushrooms, zucchini, whatever. I probably won't be able to ask him to cut the cheese until he's in college.


ril said...

So when does this phase stop?

No particular reason: just asking, you know. Really.

::Goes to find clothes. Doo, doo, doo, doo; doo, do doo, do doo...::

ril said...

You see? Post serious, intellectual stuff and I'm nowhere to be seen. Post about doo doo and I'm all over it. Or it's all over me. Or something.

Should I be quiet and sit in the corner now?

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