Thursday, July 12, 2007

Llama Land

I've been stationary here in Bangkok for a few months now, but I'm traveling again soon. Next week I go back to Bangladesh, and the week after that, to Cambodia. They should relatively stress free, as I'm going on both trips in a supporting role. I just have to make sure I'm here over the weekend so I can pick up the final Harry Potter book.

It's the rainy season here, which means that most afternoon most of the roads flood. It's fun to guess which bacteria would infect me if I had an open cut on my foot.

And on a political note, yesterday I read that Bush's first Surgeon General (a man with solid conservative credentials) testified before Congress that he was forced by the adminstration to edit or supress the scientific findings of his reports to serve the political positions of the president. And today, two adminstration aides are refusing to answer questions under Congressional subpoena regarding the firing of US prosecutors.

These are just the two most recent examples of the dangers of a Unitary President. His is not king; the president must be held accountable.


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Mamaebeth said...

there is actually a movement to impeach cheney over here, if you haven't heard about it yet.