Friday, July 06, 2007

Lost dog, lost leg, will beg (Llama)

So a year or two ago I blogged about the number and variety of beggars that one sees on the street here in the BKK. One my favorites was this very large man with a gammy leg and a dog. You know how supposedly people resemble their dogs? Well that was certainly true in this case. The man is rather large (at least 300 lbs), very tan, very relaxed, always smiling and always sitting down because of his leg problem. His dog, while not tan at all (yellow haired), was also large and about the laziest dog I've ever known. He was so lazy that, when the dog was laying on his fat dog belly, which was always, the beggar routinely placed his beggars cup on the dog's head to collect donations. Most dogs I know would shake their head to get whatever was up there off... but not this dog. He just laid there on his belly. People would plop coins into it, and he wouldn't even open his eyes. Often the man would increase the cute factor by keeping a puppy as well. The puppy never seemed to age, though... as soon as one got too big to be cute, it was replaced with a younger one.

Well things took a turn for the worse for this guy. He disappeared for about a month, and has recently returned to the streets... minus the dog, and a leg. Apparently his leg was cancerous and he had to have it amputated.

Previously I rarely gave to this man, despite his smiling face, because I didn't want to reward him keeping these very young puppies in the hot BKK sun all day. Now, however, I usually give him 10 baht whenever I see him.


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Sammy Jankis said...

I almost made a comment about upgrading his beggar status by trading the dog for a lost leg but . . . oh, well, there I go. I guess I made it anyway.