Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ups and downs (paca)

It's amazing how quickly the spirits can plummet and then rise again. Yesterday, I was completely down about my professional life. Somehow, the whole day has just seemed a complete waste. One way I wasted the day was in looking for possible publishing houses for some stuff I have written. After about 3 hours, I concluded that no one would ever want to look at anything I'd ever done. I don't have the right type of hero, the right length, the right type of writing.... Then I have a list of academic things I haven't yet accomplished. Even worse, late last week, I discovered that a couple profs might have just done in the last 6 months the exact topic I was hoping to do my dissertation on. Grrr!!!

And then to top it all off, really important things happened, like... I tried to go to Friday's for a bowl of French Onion soup for my special Paca Night off and Friday's is closed and gone. Isn't that just the greatest travesty ever? Of course, no, but when you get in these funks, it sure seemed like it at the time. I was certain that I simply was not able to make a correct decision in my life. It then got worse, because I then ended up at a mall at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, and I ended up paying way more than we can afford for a mediocre salad bar. In sum, I've wasted my life and I'm going to go broke eating lousy food. Oh the humanity!

Today? Well, not on cloud nine, but I did just get promoted from Editorial Assistant to Managing Editor for my journal. I don't earn a dime more, but it's something for the resume that actually will get a couple of looks from employers. Editorial Assistant? Might as well have a job keeping the printer stocked with toner in the department. Managing Editor? A significant point in my favor. And, while I may earn no more for it, I've been the managing editor for two years in function (there is no other operational editor than me-

And, OK, this could be a short promotion. The ridge behind the University is on fire. There's the ridge, a dorm, and then my building. The first helicopter just dropped a huge thing of water on it. I think I'm going to spend my time backing up my computer instead of talking. Bye.
Info on the fire The helicopter seems to have stopped it from traveling down the ridge, which it was doing when I typed "bye".

Update 2:

They evacuated a set of faculty housing for a couple hours today, but they've since reopened them and declared the fire contained. Of course, they declared the fire contained early this morning, apparently, before it flared up again around the time of my post here and spread to approximately 50 acres. I am definitely taking my backup drive home with me tonight. But things seem to have gotten back to normal overall. There's a nice black charred ridge I can see from my office and a smell of smoke, but that's it.

And so to finish my post. Yeah, I'm Managing Editor now, wahoo. And while I still have no place to publish my silly writings, some anonymous person who read something of mine yesterday sent a very kind message to me about how I should be published. So there you go.


bunnygirl said...

Stay safe, Managing Editor!

katze said...

Yay Paca!

And be careful! I'm sending fire suppression vibes with all my might. Picture my face all scrunched up and red with veins popping out on my forehead. That's how hard I'm sending them.

Sammy Jankis said...

Congrats on the penniless but prestigious promotion! Hope it gets your resume through more doors when you finish up the ole PhD.