Thursday, August 16, 2007

Babies (paca)

No, not that! I mean, no news like that.

I mentioned below that B was into babies right now, which he is. He likes to talk about how he used to be a little baby in mommy's tummy and then... poof! the baby comes out!

We've spelled out that babies grow in mommies' tummies, but so far we've left out details of how they get in there in the first place and how precisely they get out. I think N did once tell some story about a mommy and daddy loving each other for the first part. I changed the subject. For the second part, it's magic! Hey, B still says that the difference between a girl and a boy is that girls have no bangs, while boys do. Moreover, he's wanted to grow into a tall woman and explained how mommies become daddies and... well, I'm not going to worry about accuracy at this point. I do hedge my words somewhat, for instance, explaining that a few daddies become mommies but the large majority do not. (A mommie and a daddy are just adults.) However, I have wanted to pop out the line a few times: "Where are you going to keep the fetus? In a box?"

As far as I can tell, children at this age just say whatever enters their consciousness, no matter what. This has likely always been the case, but now he can actually say a lot of things and so it's more intriguing.

He will speak to every single person walking by him about whatever is going on right now. In the parking garage at a medical clinic today, he told the person walking by "I'm going to see the doctor." (He was having his TB test for school checked. It's required for all.)

"My shirt has a lion on it."
"Doo-doo! That's gross!"
"Spiderman shoots webs."
"That house is pink."
"Hiro has two mommies. I have a mommy and a daddy."
"Milk is cold."
"I use the little knife. The big knife is for mommies and daddies."

And on and on, not just to us or his teachers, but to any person in the world near him.

The reason this is coming up is that, as I said, he is into babies. Apparently, he has two girl babies inside his tummy right now. And virtually every person walking by does as well. You know where this is going. Every single overweight person in Honolulu has been told by a four year old in the last few days that they have a baby in their tummy.

On the way home buying milk today, a rather large man was coming towards us.

"He has a baby," B starts before the man is very close.

"No, he doesn't and do NOT tell him he has a baby."

The man approaches on the sidewalk and B points directly at his overhanging stomach and says, "you have a baby! me too!"

The man gives a "heh, heh, that's real funny, kid" smile as he passes.

By the way, I'm having triplets.


Sammy Jankis said...

Congrats on the impending brood! I used to carry quads or maybe even quints around with me, now I'm down to just twins.

Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Damn, Paca, has anyone ever told you how funny you are? I nearly peed myself reading this!

Ello said...

I was chuckling and tearing up all at the same time reading this. It reminds me so much of when my older two used to say outrageous things with such serious intentness and how my 3 and a 1/2 year old has lately begun every pronouncement with "once when I was a baby..." and then follow it up with something really far out like "I had a mustache" or "I climbded a mountain and sawded a alien who talkde funny to a giraffe that was blowing bubbles..." and dissolve into giggles. It's a fun age. Now my older two are in the eye rolling snappy comeback ages and I am wistful for their younger days.