Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dig a Hole (paca)

This is oddly interesting.

If you were to dig a hole through the entire earth, where would you end up?

Find out here.

Turns out I would pop out around Botswana. For you mainlanders, the answer is not China (which makes sense because of the whole hemisphere / spherical thing the Earth has going). I stuck in Louisiana and New York, but I won't tell you where they come out, since it's all about the same, thus ruining it for you. It appears that to actually dig a hole all the way to China, you'd have to start in Argentina or thereaboouts.

Looks like if I want to do a hole to the South Pacific somewhere around Tahiti, I'd have to start off in Syria or Iraq. Hmm.** I think I'll take a plane instead. Though I certainly will miss 7,980 miles of magma and core in my little drill car. I do loves me some magma.

Yes, I am putting off doing the last round of database changes for work.

** This makes a bit of sense, actually. If paradise on earth is Tahiti or Bora Bora, then the opposite of paradise would be... Iraq. Of course, I know I am not giving Iraq a fair trial. I hear that it's making progress and will become an earthly paradise again in about 6 months time. And if not then, then another 6 months. And another. Aaannndd another....

And another.

And another.

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Sammy Jankis said...

Boy, would I have ever been surprised if I'd continued digging that hole I started when I was eight years old!