Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hurricane Flossie (paca)

I don't know if it is on national news or not, but Hurricane Flossie is headed this way. It's a category three hurricane right now, but it is expected to weaken as it moves northwest towards us. They were saying it would be a tropical storm by the time it got here, but it could be category one still.

It's rather unusual in that it really isn't clear what we are supposed to do about this. Are we supposed to go to the evacuation centers or not? Am I in a safe place in Waikiki or not? Just not obvious. We have picked up some water and food that doesn't need cooking in case electricity goes out. The hurricane's supposed to track about 70 miles to our south, though I don't think of 70 miles from the eye as terribly far away.

Anyway, there's more time before action. It should approach the Big Isle tomorrow (Tuesday), and all the schools are closed there. Then it would approach Oahu late Wednesday, early Thursday. I suppose they will wait to see what happens to the Big Isle and then decide what to do with us. N is supposed to fly over to San Francisco for work on Wednesday afternoon. Can one fly away when a hurricane is approaching or not?

The odds are high that we are simply going to have a windy rain storm for a few hours. But they are predicting 20 foot waves on south east shores on Hawai'i. It's hard to know what to do with that info. 20 foot storm surge sounds bad. But the North Shore gets 40 foot waves every winter in big wave season. We aren't below sea level. Who knows... We'll wait and see.

I think people are afraid to get too worked up because the storm's name is Flossie. It's hard to admit to being scared by a Flossie. It's like being beaten up by a Wilbur. You just don't admit to it.

Here's a place to track satellite images of the storm as well as wind speed probabilities.


December/Stacia said...

I just saw the headline and came over here right away.

Do you have hurricane shutters? Lots of flashlights and batteries? Bring in your hanging plants and lawn furniture if you have them. Even in a tropical storm that stuff can cause some damage.

I tend to be rather blase about tropical storms and category 1 hurricanes, having been through so many of them, but you need to prepare anyway.

70 miles from the eye? Depends on how big the storm is. I was about that far from Andrew's eye in 92 and there was some serious damage in the area. But Andrew was a HUGE and severe storm.

There really is no safe place to be in a hurricane, unlike a tornado. But you're probably safer if you're not right at the top of a hill or on a cliff's edge.

Stay away from your unboarded windows if possible and if things get bad go to a place in your home with all interior walls, which is usually a hallway. I seriously doubt you'll need to do that for a TS or Cat 1 storm though.

I'll see what else I can think of...

December/Stacia said...

BTW, no, you can't fly when a hurricane is coming. They shut down the airports, usually several hours ahead. When...Rita, I think? was coming, my sd was down. We moved heaven and earth to get her flight rescheduled, only to have the airport shut down 24 hours before landfall.

Courtney said...

i've been watching it for a few days, but last i saw it was heading west and was 1,000 miles south of ya'll.

i don't know, but good luck, when do they think it might hit?

bunnygirl said...

Most hurricane damage is from storm surge and flooding. At a category 1 or 2, the wind probably won't be an issue, unless you're at the beach or in a highly unstable structure.

Of greater concern is the water. If you're anywhere flood-prone, have a plan to get to higher ground.

Ello said...

Hey Paca,
Just saw this and I am praying for you and your family to keep safe. Flossie's remind me of a name for a mule. They might seem docile enough, but get the mad and they will come kicking and screaming and causing some major damage, so please keep safe.

Best of luck to you.


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I always read your blog, even if I fail to comment.

But fear of Flossie, now that is comment-inspiring stuff! :)