Thursday, August 16, 2007

In other family news (paca)

That's the problem with this blogger format. I'm writing this entry in reference to the one below it, which I wrote first. Of course, you, as the readers, will read the last one first. I could reorder all of them by changing the times, but you will all catch on.

Anyway, today N headed off to San Fran for the next three days. She has a mini-conference there and will be back on Saturday night. So it's just me and B until then. Friday is a state holiday, Statehood Day in fact, so we will have a lot of one on one time together. B and I do pretty well together when there's an activity, even if the activity is just walking around the block. It's when we are stuck in the apartment together that we go at it.

Tonight nothing special happened. I'd like to say that we went all bachelor pad the way that dads are supposed to do when alone with children. You know, we should be eating cold pizza for breakfast and tossing back brewskis -- non-alcoholic ones for B, of course. What kind of father do you think I am?

So far, though, things have been pretty normal. We cooked up a little steak (which somehow came out really well) and a mushroom/scallion/onion/zucchini thing together. This could have happened on any N-present day as well. The main way to tell that she was not here was that I immediately tossed some kochu jang (chili bean paste) into the vegies, which I wouldn't have done with N around as she's not all that into spicy.

We even ate around the table instead of in front of the TV.

However we did go all Guy after that, because B wanted to watch Darth Vader, which means the Empire Strikes Back. I offered, no truly I did, to watch The Nativity Story instead, which I rented a couple days ago. B has really gotten into babies lately, and we've read a bit about baby Jesus in his Beginner's Bible**, but for some reason he wanted to watch light sabers instead.

So we did. I don't know what he gets up to at school, because he also informed me today that Yoda has a green light saber and lives in a mud house. Now, the mud house, he can get from Empire, but as for the green light saber, he's never seen Attack of the Clones. What do they do at that school precisely?

**Hah! You all thought that when I said I was agnostic that I was really a qualified atheist who couldn't admit it to himself. So... take that! Beginner's Bible and renting the Nativity Story.

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