Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The king is dead, long live the king! (paca)

I received an email today from the llama, who has decided that he may cease posting to the Goat skin Pants blog. He might do some work on his original blog still from time to time, Left of Reality, and I hope that he does. I still like reading his posts.

So, due to this, I am going to move back to my original blog, pacatrue. I hope this does not cause too much trouble to all of you with your links and bookmarks. This post will stay here, so you can use it to link that way. This blog made it almost two years, which is mighty impressive in blog lifespans. I could keep posting here, but I do think of this as llama and paca's blog, and so I will preserve it as such.

To coax you over to, I even finally updated my template there, as well as my links, and each of you has a bizarre little nickname. To see it, you will just have to click that way.

Again, here's the new link.


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