Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What I've learned from Japanese Anime (paca)

1) Children are allowed to freely roam the countryside for months on end with only semi-annual check-ins with their parents.

2) Any and all robots will become sentient and have feelings at some point.

3) Intelligence is fine and all, but it's nothing compared to be being a passionate and untamed young man or a girl with a pure heart. Passionate untamed girls are a different genre that is filtered from view.

4) All problems can be overcome by just trying really, really hard, particularly if you have to overcome all powerful demons, spirits, wizards, or dragons. You can be tricky for hours on end if you like, but in the end running straight at the demon with a sword while screaming madly will always save the day. If it fails the first time, wait a bit, drag yourself from the ground, and repeat screaming even louder. If this fails, re-attach your limbs and do it again making sure to scream your girlfriend's name.

I think I will try this on my dissertation committee.

"So, Mr. Paca, in the end, your methodology through-out is weak, your results trivial if true, and your conclusions unfounded."



ril said...


December/Stacia said...

Yeah, and? Isn't that what life is really like?

I know as a last resort, you bet I'm gonna run at the beast with my sword in front of me, screaming my head off! :-)

writtenwyrdd said...

But yelling Kagomeeeee!!! works even better. I dont remember which anime that was, but I saw it.

I think that there is a corrolary to #3 about magic wielders: If one is a wielder of magic, one's magical potential is inversely proportional to one's training, discipline, or age (or a combination of these three.)

pacatrue said...

Kagome Co, huh, ril?

Maybe I should try running at a demon yelling GREY POUPONNNNN!!!!!

DecStac, I am glad to know that you plan on doing the running and screaming. I think I will play the silly sidekick. Maybe less glory, but the sidekick seems to end up decently happy despite standing and staring at the critical moment -- well, when not being inhabited by ancient spirits.

I like your observation on wizarding power, wyrdd. Kagome is from Inuyasha.